Padre White

Albany Heritage Park

The Park is a 260 hectare parkland reserve set in the heart of Albany, Western Australia. It surrounds the summits of Mount Clarence and Mount Adelaide and stretches from the Port of Albany to the shores of Middleton Beach.

The Park is the ultimate heritage destination, offering a unique blend of natural, cultural and historical attractions: from the wonder of wildflowers, to Aboriginal and European cultural sites ­­‑ including pre-federation military installations at Princess Royal Fortress and the National Anzac Centre.

Explore the park by car, bike or foot to discover the wonders of the Great Southern, including the region’s highest lookouts offering breathtaking views to the Stirling Ranges, Princess Royal Harbour and King George Sound.

Whether you have a few hours, or a full day, Albany Heritage Park has a range of activities for all ages and fitness levels.

Desert Mounted Corps Memorial: After the First World War, soldiers from Australia and New Zealand contributed one day’s pay to commission a monument to the fallen on the banks of Port Said in Egypt.  The Desert Mounted Corps Memorial replicates this memorial and stands proudly on the summit of Mount Clarence, site of the Albany’s Dawn Service.

Padre White Lookout: At dawn on the 25 April 1932, Padre White led parishioners from St John’s Church to the summit of Mount Clarence, the very site where so many gathered to watch the convoys depart in 1914. Today the Padre White Lookout is the region’s most visited lookout and serves as an enduring place of reflection.

Avenue of Honour: Large gum trees line the Avenue of Honour on Apex Drive – the road to the top of Mount Clarence. At the base of each tree plaques bear the names of soldiers lost at war