Albany Wind Farm

The Albany Wind Farm is approximately 12km south-west of the city centre. It is in an elevated position approximately 80m above the Southern Ocean. This height, proximity to the coastline and small distance to the main electricity transmission system make this an exceptional wind farm site.

The wind farm is open to the general public every day of the year and you are free to visit when you wish. At the wind farm there is a large car-parking area, extensive network of boardwalks, artwork and information panels, plus a connection walk to the Bibbulmum track.

Albany Windfarm

How it works

The Albany wind farm consists of twelve 1800kW wind turbines connected to the Albany electrical system and control network. The turbines are ENERCON E66 machines from Germany and were installed by Enercon Power Corporation, an Australian Company. The turbines have a 65m tower and three 35m long blades, making them one of the biggest available in the world at that time, and the largest to be installed in the southern hemisphere.

The turbines operate automatically, with the three blades adjusted to maximise power output from any wind direction or strength. They have been designed to withstand the strongest winds likely in Albany and incorporate special lightning protection. The Albany Wind Farm, which officially opened in October 2001, was ten years in the planning.