Noongar Traditional Dancing

Kaya Kaya choorrabinyi Minang boodja.

Albany had been the traditional home of the Minang Noongar Aboriginal people, who have lived in the area for at least 18,000 years. When the settlement at King George Sound was established in 1826, the Minang, quickly established a cooperative relationship with the settlers which led to a period of relatively harmonious coexistence.

The Europeans recognised the people’s claim to the surrounding lands, shared their houses with the Minang and took part in their ceremonies. The Minang were at first suspicious but eventually welcomed the settlers as another tribe and allowed them to settle.

The Minang people acted as guides, instructors and informants on all things to do with their territory. While you’re here, visit the ancient stone fish traps built 7,500 years ago by Minang people that caught huge numbers of fi sh as the tide in the Kalgan River rose and fell.

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