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Discover the authentic taste of Amazing Albany and you’ll forget there’s any other culinary experience worth having. Document your journey through fields of gold, vineyards of green and oceans of blue as you dine and feast your way around Albany.

There’s a reason Albany’s gourmet providores, organic food producers, farmers’ markets and dining outlets are stacking up all the food awards’ silverware. Produce so fresh you can count the minutes since it was harvested, devotion to sustainable agricultural methods, commitment to time-honoured cooking techniques passed down through generations and a strictly seasonal approach to dining room menus. The list goes on and so does Albany’s food and wine scene, brimming with produce so fresh it begs to be devoured, now.

Visit the cellar doors for a wine tasting, or dine in and taste some of the Great Southern’s fresh local produce. Linger around the vineyards and enjoy your peaceful surroundings. Download the Amazing Albany Dining Out Guide to ensure you don’t miss out on all that Albany has to offer.

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