Albany is a great place to experience paragliding. You can do a tandem flight over the Wind Farm or at Shelly beach – both are spectacular paragliding sites.

You will get a great bird’s eye view of Albany and its surroundings, flying over the beautiful white sandy beaches, maybe even catching a glimpse of a dolphin in the ocean. Fly amongst the birds and look down over the nature reserves to see the kangaroos and all the other wildlife that this fantastic area has to offer – as you’ve never seen it before!

WA Paragliding offers a 40 minute tandem flight with an experienced professional. Gift vouchers are available for that great surprise gift.

WA Paragliding Academy, provides great sporting entertainment at one of the world’s premier paragliding locations. Paraglider pilots come from all over the globe to fly over our magnificent coastline. The academy is also the only paragliding school in Western Australia.

The West Australian Paragliding Academy is one of the oldest paragliding schools in Australia. Jiri has been teaching pilots for over 25 years and is fully certified instructor and tandem pilot and together with Sylvie, they are running one of Australia’s most established paragliding schools.

Shelley Beach Paragliding