Torbay Glass Gallery/Studio

The Torbay Glass Studio and Gallery, owned and operated by Mark Hewson and Paris Johansen, is located on the south coast of Western Australia. Here you will find functional, decorative, achitectural and contemporary artworks. The construction of the artworks involves a variety of methods – copper foil, stained glass, etched, painted, fused, cast and slumped.The light passing through stained and textured glass enhances the mood of a room and adds an individual touch to any space and the warm fluid appearance of functional and decorative glass highlights the individuality of any living space. All the skills and practices learned at Torbay Glass Studio over the past twenty six years allows us to create a wide range of glass work, from large architectural panels to sculptural pieces to exquisite jewelery.

All our glass artwork is designed and created in our studio workshop, located above the gallery. We encourage our customers to visit the studio to see examples of the different glass-working techniques. If they desire, they are welcome to consult on, or design their own glass works to give that really personal touch to their home.The process can as simple as acquiring ideas from our portfolios or books and modifying them to create your own design. Once the the concept and colour scheme is organized the piece is halfway to being made. For hot glass it is even possible to arrange the coloured glass yourself to get just the look that you desire – then we will work the glass for you. We are also happy for clients who want pieces made by other techniques to discuss their design ideas with us.

The perfect place to find a unique gift, our gallery displays a showcase of kiln formed glass art pieces. The designs and concepts used in our collections are our own, and each peice is hand-crafted, so every item is unique. We enjoy pushing the boundaries to see how far it is possible to stretch glass into different shapes. We continue to experiment to see how glass performs when melted, and to extend our abilities, resulting in a wide range of artefacts. These include bowls, platters, lamps, jewellery and other sculptural pieces.It is also possible for you to design and commission art works incorporating your own ideas and desires – talk to us when you visit. The gallery is set up for lampworking, so when you visit it may be possible to watch while we work with the flame to make beads or small sculptures.